Tuesday Tip: Catching Your Customers’ Eye with Complementary Colors

Anne-Marie Earl, September 26, 2017

tuesday tip complementary colors

When it comes to grabbing a customer’s attention, pops of complementary colors are a tried and true way to go. In July’s Visual Merchandising column, writer Linda Cahan said of the above store shot, “Pops of complementary red and green create a powerful focal area at Curate in the Pearl District of Portland, Ore. Red acts as a color spot that leads the eye across the area. The more neutral-colored merchandise looks more exciting when backed up by the green or highlighted by the red.” Other complementary colors are purple and gold, blue and yellow, and pink and orange.

Linda continued, “Another excellent design element in this display is the use of texture. Our sense of touch is stimulated bu the red pillows on the right combined with the suede on the left and the textural patterns in the white vases.”

What complementary colors and textures have you tried in your store? We want to hear about it! Email editorial@giftsanddec.com and let us know.

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