Tuesday Tip: Retailer Problem Solving

Anne-Marie Earl, August 29, 2017

tuesday tip problem solution

We’ve all faced them- potholes, brick walls, hitches, hurdles, stumbling blocks and snags. According to John Adams, “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” Well, when said problem is plaguing your life, “opportunity” feels more akin to a trip down the rabbit hole.

But fear not. There’s actually a very straightforward (if not entirely mundane) approach to tackling problems that not only gets you to the other side, but does so in a way that alleviates feelings of being overwhelmed or underprepared. It’s a matter of identifying the problem and the root cause, looking at it objectively, brainstorming solutions, and creating a list of small steps to achieve the end goal.

Read more about a great problem-solving strategy for retailers.

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