Tuesday Tip: Taking Stock

Anne-Marie Earl, September 5, 2017


To know where you’re going, it’s best to take stock of where you’ve been. For Gifts and Decorative Accessories’ 100th anniversary issue, the GDA team spent months in the archive room, going through decades of industry history. As a young team, we like to look at that issue as our crash course-Gift Industry History 101. Each editor got a broad look of how the industry has changed and grown, affected by historical events, and how it has stayed the same. A lot of values still ring true: creating a positive customer service experience and going the extra mile for your customers; while other values have crept into the mix over the last couple decades: to compete with big box stores, e-commerce is a must-do. For a look at the last 100 years of the industry, read our take on a century of gifting.

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