New Just Cause 4 X018 Trailer Makes The Game Look Even More Crazy

There’s been a lot coming from the XO18 event. In addition to the reveal of new IP Void Bastards, we also saw the reveal of Crackdown 3’s multiplayer mode, and along with a set of games coming to the Game Pass. If you want to know more about all the interesting new reveals, be sure to check out GameSpot for more coverage.

With every trailer and new gameplay feature they release, Just Cause 4 manages to look even more over-the-top and ridiculous in its execution. In the new trailer coming from Microsoft’s X018 event, which showed off the latest games coming to Xbox One and PC, Avalanche Studio’s next open world game aims to outdo everything they’ve done from the last game by several degrees.

In the trailer, we saw Rico face off against his toughest adversaries yet. In addition to showing new weapons and gear, we also saw many returning gameplay features-including Just Cause 3’s wingsuit. Like in the last game, it allowed players to glide across great distances, to cover ground quickly and with greater agility. However, a new game-changing mechanic is the inclusion of hostile weather. When you least expect it, tornados may hit, causing increased destruction and danger for every character in the world.

During the game’s showing at X018, game director Francesco Antolini spoke about many of the abilities and skills you’ll have to use during the game. In addition to an upgraded grappling hook, allowing you to attach to more objects than ever before, you’ll now have access to an upgraded black market-which can spawn new weapons and items for Rico in an instant. Set for release on December 4, Just Cause 4 is looking to be a massive upgrade from its predecessor, which already held the crown for being the biggest game of the series.

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