Spider-Man PS4 Devs Troll Complaining Players By Adding Puddles To Photo Mode

Insomniac User Interface and Experience Lead Gil Doron shared a shot of the new puddle capabilities on Twitter. It was also shared by Insomniac Community Manager James Stevenson, who cheekily wrote, «You can add your own puddles in Photo mode now with puddle stickers. You’re welcome.»

If there’s something Spider-Man PS4 needs, it’s more puddles. With its latest update to Marvel’s Spider-Man, developer Insomniac Games has made sure all players’ versions of New York City are up to the requisite level of dampness, as required by internet law. The new update, which came just ahead of the release of Spider-Man’s first round of downloadable content, The Heist, includes a new difficulty mode and a New Game Plus mode, as well as additional stickers for Spider-Man’s Photo mode-specifically, puddles.

The addition of puddle stickers allows players to add as many puddles as they like to the game, in a hilarious throwing of moist shade by Insomniac. The puddle gag is a reference to an internet controversy that pooled up before the September release of Spider-Man, when some Reddit users claimed one shot of the game included fewer puddles than were shown in the same scene at E3 2018.

The lack of puddles led to some players claiming Spider-Man had received a graphical downgrade as compared to the E3 demo, maybe to hide the limitations of the PS4, and they were not happy about it. The situation became, as some dubbed it, Puddle-gate. Insomniac answered back by saying the puddle sizes had been reduced, but there was no graphical downgrade. The Photo mode answer to the Puddle-gate question is undeniably better.

Apparently the controversy wasn’t a wet blanket for too many players, since Spider-Man broke Sony’s sales records in its first three days on store shelves.

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