Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gets Big Nintendo Direct This Week

This will be the last Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros. Ultimate, so it’s likely to tell us all we’ll know before release. The game comes out on December 7.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is likely to be the last triple-A game release of the year, thanks to a December release, but there’s still plenty we don’t know: the full roster, the mysterious final mode, the mystery of Waluigi’s absence, etc. At least some of those questions may be answered this week, with a new Nintendo Direct revolving around the game. It will take place Thursday, November 1 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.

Judging by the tweet promoting the presentation, this looks to be a big one. It will be 40 minutes long, and then be followed by a Nintendo Treehouse: Live presentation. By comparison the last Smash-focused Nintendo Direct was just over 25 minutes, and it revealed the Castlevania stages and characters, Chrom and Dark Samus, Isabelle, and King K. Rool. The Nintendo Direct at E3 was roughly 40 minutes, and it was about a wider spate of games than just Smash.

So what could such a long, Smash-focused Direct bring? It’s a good bet we’ll see more fighters revealed, possibly even the entire roster. Director Masahiro Sakurai also conspicuously teased a mysterious final mode that’s important enough to be in the main menu. Revealing an all-new mode for Smash Bros. that stands alongside the usual competitive modes could justify a longer presentation as well.

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