Two Really Hard Indie Ports Are Coming To Switch-One Acclaimed, The Other Forgotten

Both of Cellar Door Games’ titles are very difficult, but not unfair for players with the right amount of patience. Rogue Legacy is a single-player roguelike that first released in 2013 to critical acclaim. Despite being a multiplayer co-op game, Full Metal Furies is no less challenging, and the 2018 game features a meta narrative that is reminiscent of what’s found in games like Doki Doki Literature Club and Nier: Automata.

Cellar Door Games has announced that both Rogue Legacy and Full Metal Furies are getting Switch ports. Both games will release on Nintendo’s console on November 6.

In our Rogue Legacy review, Britton Peele gave the game an 8/10, writing, «It’s almost unfair to compare Rogue Legacy to other games that emphasize permanent death. It doesn’t have the secrets of Spelunky and it’s more predictable than The Binding of Isaac, yet at the end of every game comes a desire to hop right back in, spend your gold on some upgrades and rack up more monster kills, something the game encourages with a challenging new-game-plus option that appears after the credits roll. Whether you play it on your home console or on the go, it’s worth exploring Rogue Legacy’s castle again and again and again.»

Full Metal Furies is a four-person co-op game that presents itself as a simple arcade title, but hides a difficult puzzle mechanic. You and up to three friends play as four girls who are on a mission to destroy the massive Titans that have taken over their world. Each girl has unique attacks and abilities, allowing them to take on the roles of a tank, brawler, short-range support, and long-range support. Teamwork is key if you want to discover the game’s secrets and hidden ending. Full Metal Furies’ story is heart-warming, with both humorous banter and eye-rolling puns.

Rogue Legacy is already available on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PC. Full Metal Furies is currently available on Xbox One and PC.

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