Eye In The Dark – Spider Bounty Guide

The Spider has painted a new target on an escapee of the Prison of Elders with the latest Destiny 2 weekly reset. With the new round of bounties comes Wanted: Eye In The Dark, a wanted target players haven’t hunted before. It’s a powerful Hive Shrieker hiding in one of the deep places of the Hellas Basin on Mars. You’ll need some strong weapons to bring it down, as well as the resiliency to fight off a whole horde of Hive minions. Here’s where to find it, and how to take it down to earn a piece of Powerful gear.

Like all of the Wanted Spider bounties, this one will run you five Ghost Fragments, which you can earn from completing public events, bounties, and patrols on the Tangled Shore. Purchase it, and you’ll unlock a new Adventure on Mars. Load into the Glacial Drift area, then head up north along the eastern edge of the map to reach the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector to start the Adventure.

Delve into the cave and you’ll find Cabal fighting Hive throughout the area. Clear the path until you get to the back of the Lost Sector, where you’ll find the Eye In The Dark hovering over you, closed up. You’ll soon find that the Shrieker is invulnerable to your attacks-the only way to hurt it when it is opened is to have the «Wormcursed» buff active, which lets you dish out the damage for 15 seconds.

To get the buff, look for special Wormcursed Thralls, which are glowing Cursed Thralls, hanging around the battlefield. These guys carry orange life bars and are therefore a bit tough to kill, so watch out they don’t explode and take you down. Once they pop, they’ll spray green goo all over the area. You can catch some from the explosion or walk through it to get it on you, which will give you the buff. As soon as you’ve got it, turn your attention to blasting away at the Eye.

Doing a certain amount of damage will cause the Eye In The Dark to clam up again, forcing you to fight a whole bunch of Hive enemies that stream into the area. Try to keep moving so you don’t get overwhelmed, and watch your six, as enemies will enter behind you along the path you took to reach the Eye. Clearing out all the enemies will cause the Eye to open again, and you’ll need to repeat the process of killing a Womrcursed Thrall to get the buff.

If you’re at a high level and have strong weapons like Sleeper Simulant, you should be able to take down the Eye on that second buff. Crowd control supers are really helpful here, since the Hive can be overwhelming, as is anything that does powerful direct damage to the Eye, like sniper rifles or linear fusion rifles. Heavy weapons are good for the Eye, while assault rifles and other fast-firing weapons will be good for fighting the Hive that protect it.

Killing the Eye will complete the bounty and net you your Powerful gear drop, which is the gear in Destiny 2 that will push you toward the Power level cap of 600. To continue the climb, focus on Daily and Weekly challenges, as well as the Ascendant Challenge in the Dreaming City.

You might also want to check out the Iron Banner Crucible event, which is back with this week’s reset. Battling in the Crucible will earn you increased Valor and Glory ranks, plus the opportunity to complete Iron Banner bounties, all of which are good for Powerful gear drops. And don’t forget that this week marks the final step in the Murder Mystery quest to unlock a new Exotic weapon, the heavy machine gun Thunderlord from the original Destiny.

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