Surprise Horror Game PS4 Sale On The US PlayStation Store

With Devil May Cry 5 scheduled for March 2019, now is a great time to catch up on the series. You can pick up the first three games in Devil May Cry HD Collection for $18 and finish it off with Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition for $10.

It seems Sony loves nothing more than springing a surprise sale on PS4 owners. Right now, in addition to the regular weekly PlayStation Store sale, you can save up to 50% on a mountain of mostly spooky games to play during the lead-up to Halloween and beyond. As usual, PS Plus members get an extra discount on top of these deals. It’s the Sale of the Dead, and it runs between now and November 2. Let’s take a look at what deals are available.

If bang for your buck is what you’re after, you can pick up BioShock: The Collection for $26. These creepy games tell some of the best and most out-there stories you’ll find in any shooter on the market. And if you’d like to spend time trying to avoid death-by-xenoomorph, grab Alien: Isolation for $15.

Some early PS4 games are on sale for deep discounts right now, including The Order: 1886 for $5 and Until Dawn for $6. Both are cinematic horror stories. Speaking of, What Remains of Edith Finch ($20) is basically a playable collection of short stories that all revolve around death. One of them even takes place on Halloween.

What connection, exactly, Street Fighter has to horror is unclear; nevertheless, you can pick up Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on sale for $28. Hitman: Game of the Year Edition might not seem like it has a Halloween connection, but in fact it does: you can grab the Halloween Pack for free right now. The full game is also discounted to $30 right now.

We have more selections below, or you can head to the PlayStation Store to see the full list of sale items.

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