Echoes of an Elusive Age Is Only Two Weeks Away

It’s very possible that you may not have even played video games back when the last brand new, mainline Dragon Quest game was released in 2010. Dragon Quest IX on the Nintendo DS was the last new mainline game to leave Japan, and its multiplayer-focus was a big surprise after the wildly successful Dragon Quest VIII on the PlayStation 2.

For long-time fans and JRPG players at large, seeing a big Dragon Quest in English is a big deal. Dragon Quest Builders was great, all those remakes on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS are great – but those are not the same thing.

Dragon Quest XI is finally making its way to the world market in a mere two weeks, finally leaving Japan after a year-long gap. From reports on the Japanese version, this seems to be the biggest entry in the series yet.

As with the original release of Dragon Quest VIII, XI will see a number of changes with its localization, spanning from its menus to its voice acting (which is not present in the Japanese release). In an earlier interview with DualShockers, producer Hokuto Okamoto referred to the Western release as the «better version» of the game.

If you’ve got that itch for classic turn-based RPG, keep your sights set to your favorite retailers for Dragon Quest XI‘s worldwide release for PlayStation 4 and PC on September 4, 2018. Check back here with GameSkinny for our upcoming Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age review and guides!

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