Battlefield 5 Reviews Roundup

Battlefield V is now going live for subscribers to EA or Origin Access, after a long wait punctuated by a last-minute delay. This one takes the series back to the iconic setting of World War 2, but does a return to the Greatest Generation make for a great game?

While reviews are starting to roll in, some sites are publishing early impressions or reviews-in-progress, including GameSpot. And in a year when Battlefield’s major competitor, Call of Duty, has eschewed a single-player campaign, the presence of one in Battlefield V seems to be standing out. The consensus agrees that the package as shipped already has a lot to explore thanks to the campaign and multiplayer, even knowing more is on the way. Its battle royale mode Firestorm is coming next year, and DICE has built a reputation for long-term support.
GameSpot’s Battlefield V early impressions found it maintained the scale we’ve come to expect from a Battlefield game. «There’s a lot more to dig into, like the fortification system, squad reinforcements perks, and how destruction may change map dynamics, and spending more time with the game will paint a better picture,» wrote critic Michael Higham. «At the end of the day, it’s still Battlefield, and Battlefield V is shaping up to be a good one at that.»

Read on for more reviews from around the industry, or check GameSpot sister site Metacritic for more reviews.

  • Game: Battlefield V
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Developer / publisher: DICE / Activision
  • Release date: Out now (limited) / Wide release November 20
  • Price: US $60 / £50 / AU $69
GameSpot – No Score

«As of now, it feels as if Battlefield V is a variation on a well-established theme. It maintains the series tradition of grand spectacle with incredible sound design, impactful weaponry, and large-scale multiplayer chaos.» – Michael Higham Full review

Gaming Trend – 9/10

«After spending quite a while with the game, I’m blown away that there’s still so much to discover. With dozens of collectibles to find in the single player campaign, a seemingly-unlimited number of weekly challenges, and the Tides of War looming large on the horizon, Battlefield V is the best this series has ever been, and easily the best FPS of the season.» – Ron Burke Full review

PC Games N – 9/10

«Battlefield V delivers the series’ finest single-player campaign yet, painting the horror of war from rarely seen perspectives. That tension carries through to the multiplayer, which has been tuned to hammer home your vulnerability in a firefight.» – James McMahon Full review

CG Magazine – 8/10

«Despite the bad press at the start, I have a lot of faith in DICE as a developer and they have delivered a fantastic shooter this year with Battlefield V after listening to their community and taking their feedback seriously.» – Cole Watson Full review

Digital Trends – 6/10

«Battlefield V is a fine World War II shooter and it has the potential to turn into a great one with a few updates and the addition of its post-launch modes, but with Black Ops 4 providing such a rich and engaging competitive experience and last year’s Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus offering a better (and more upfront) Nazi-shooting campaign, there’s little reason for this game to be your first choice. That’s partially a testament to the strength of its competition, but Battlefield V fails to impress the same way Battlefield 1 did. By all means, give it a try if you’re a fan of DICE’s previous work, but know that you’ll have to put up with some pretty glaring faults.» – Gabe Gurwin Full review

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