Interactive Entertainment Network Ripcord.TV Launched Today

Today, a new venture headed by esports experts AlphaDraft and producers from Sony and Disney announced the launch of Interactive Mobile TV Network Ripkord.tv.

Designed to create a more interactive experience for viewers, Ripkord.tv combines the social experiences found on most livestreaming sites with the professional production found in more traditional media.

The new network features a team made up of television professionals and esporst industry veterans to create an interactive media experience  where the viewers can be part of the show. Viewers can interact with live game show and their hosts during their regularly scheduled times.

The network’s current lineup includes five shows: Fast Facts, The Hunt, In or Out, Raise the Bar, and Word Up. During any of these shows, viewers can compete for bragging rights and cash prizes.

The Ripkord.tv app is available via both the Apple App Store and Google Play. More information on the platform can be found on the official site.

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