New Dragon Quest Monsters Title for Consoles Now in Development

During the Dragon Quest Monsters 20th anniversary livestream, it was announced that a new Dragon Quest Monsters game is in development for consoles. It was also clarified that this new title is not part of the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker series or a remake of an older game and is brand new.

They shared an illustration of the two main characters of the new Dragon Quest Monsters title, which are child versions of the characters Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI. This will be the first title to use child versions of characters previously introduced in the mainline Dragon Quest series since the first Dragon Quest Monsters game and its remakes, which used child versions of the characters Terry and Milly from Dragon Quest VI.

It is currently unknown which consoles this new Dragon Quest title will launch on, but it’s likely that it will receive a release on Nintendo Switch since the majority of other Dragon Quest Monsters titles have released on Nintendo platforms since the first on Game Boy Color. It’s also possible that this new title could release on PlayStation 4 and PC like Dragon Quest XI, which would make it the first Dragon Quest Monsters title to release on a Sony console since Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 for the PlayStation in 2002, as well as the first in the series to release on PC. It is also currently unknown if this new Dragon Quest Monsters title will see release outside of Japan.

The new Dragon Quest Monsters title for consoles is currently in development.

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