Here’s How Much It Costs To Buy Everything With Real Money

The release of Fallout 76 has also seen the full launch of the multiplayer game’s real-money shop, the Atomic Shop. Bethesda previewed the store during Fallout 76’s many beta sessions, but with one key piece of information missing: how much it would cost in real money to purchase Atoms, the store’s premium currency.

Now that the game’s out, looking into the ability to buy Atoms with real money reveals that, like most premium currencies, you get a discount the more you buy. At the lowest purchase tier, 500 Atoms will run you $5; $10 gets you 1,100 Atoms; $20 gets 2,400 Atoms; and $40 is good for 50,000 Atoms. But if you’re looking to spend the least amount of real money in the store, the exchange rate is $1 per 100 Atoms.

The Atomic Shop, which is accessible from Fallout 76’s main menu once you’ve created a character and stepped out of Vault 76 at the start of the game, won’t get you anything that will boost your ability to survive in the Wasteland or succeed in battling other Wastelanders. Instead, it focuses on customization items, like clothing, cosmetic items for your CAMP, Photomode poses, skins for your Pip-Boy and Power Armor, and emotes.

It’s worth noting that you can earn small batches of Atoms without paying for them by completing in-game challenges of all sorts, some of which reset on a daily and weekly basis. You get 10 Atoms just for stepping out of Vault 76, for instance; Daily challenges are good for 10 Atoms each, and include activities like scrapping a piece of chest armor; and Weekly challenges can net you as much as 40 Atoms, which is what you’d get for taking five Photomode shots near Vault 76. There are a lot of these challenges, so while the earnings might come a little slowly, they at least provide a lot of ways to get a little extra currency to help you keep your money in your wallet.

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As for the Atomic Shop and its goods, prices vary widely even within the specific departments in the store, but in general things seem fairly pricey. In the clothing section, you can pick up the Red Shirt and Slacks clothing set for 250 Atoms, but the striped Two-Piece Pajama set will set you back 600 Atoms, the slick Vampire Suit goes for 800 Atoms, and the retro Rocket Suit costs 1,200 Atoms. Prices are similarly steep for customizing your CAMP building materials and buying skins and paint jobs for your Pip-Boy.

Your money goes a bit further when purchasing poses for Photomode, but those get expensive in a hurry as well. The fairly simple Wave pose is just 150 Atoms, but the Rock Out pose, which comes with a guitar and microphone stand, will set you back 600 Atoms. Cosmetic accoutrements for your character’s face are some of the more cost-effective investments, with the department’s tattoos and faceprint customizations all running 250 Atoms. The cheapest set of things in the store are the icons, which all cost 50 Atoms.

Overall, the point is that if you’re hoping to grab lots of customization items from the Atomic Shop without spending real money, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. If you completed all the currently available challenges, which span seven different categories, you’d only be 640 Atoms richer. Tuning in for Daily and Weekly challenges will be essential if you’re hoping to keep your real cash while still gussying up your Wastelander and your CAMP in-game.

If you wanted to purchase everything in the store, you’d tally up a tab of a cool 29,160 Atoms. In real money terms, that’s $240-but you’d have 840 Atoms to spare, at least.

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