Rockstar Is Addressing RDR2 Camp Issue

While Rockstar works on a solution for the bug, the developer advises all players who have yet to complete «Polite Society, Valentine Style» to do so without retrying from a checkpoint. If you fail the mission, make sure you immediately abandon and restart it, or load an earlier save. These are currently the only ways to avoid encountering the glitch.

Rockstar has announced that it is working on an issue that is affecting Red Dead Redemption 2. Currently, a bug in the game can cause Sadie, Jack, John, and Abigail-four of Arthur Morgan’s camp companions-to disappear after the completion of chapter two.

«If you completed the mission ‘Polite Society, Valentine Style’ at the start of Chapter 2, but needed to use the Retry Checkpoint feature, then Sadie, Jack, John, and Abigail will only appear in camp when they have missions for you to complete,» Rockstar wrote in a Q&A blog post. «We are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix to be included in an upcoming Title Update.»

If you’ve already encountered the bug, you’ll have to keep playing RDR2 until chapter four to see Sadie, Jack, John, and Abigail in the camp again. You will miss the four character’s unique conversations unless you reload a previous save from before «Polite Society, Valentine Style» to avoid the glitch.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for Xbox One and PS4. In our review, Kallie Plagge gave the game a 9/10, writing, «Red Dead Redemption 2 is an excellent prequel, but it’s also an emotional, thought-provoking story in its own right, and it’s a world that is hard to leave when it’s done.»

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