FIFA 19: New Modes, New Experiences

As some may know FIFA 19 was announced recently at E3 and along with that come some big changes. FIFA 19 will introduce UEFA Champions league, Europa league, Super Cup, and Journey: Champions on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox 1, and PC.

According to EA, the UEFA Champions league has been one of the most highly requested additions. One of the worlds biggest competitions will come to the game for the first time. In the UEFA Champions tournament players can play a custom version where they control a club of their choice or play through the group stage of the final.

In Journey: Champions you play as Alex Hunter. He is competing for the UEFA Champions league trophy in a narrative story mode.

Some of the new features allow players to control the pitch of every moment from tactical approaches to the technical touch. The brand new active touch system improves upon how players interact with the ball. The Dynamic Tactics system lets players set up their squad and customize their tactical approach. Also 50/50 balls will be decided by player attributes and reactions across the pitch.

And to top it all off the cover stars for FIFA 19 are Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr, some of the biggest names in the biggest names in the soccer world.

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