How Long Will It Take to Beat Spider-Man on PS4? Gameplay Length, DLC Revealed

From everything we’ve seen so far, Marvel’s Spider-Man looks like a very game from a very good studio.

Despite its bad guys and super villains, Spidey’s slice of New York City has shaped up to be a place we’d like to spend a lot of time. But just how long will our gameplay experience be?

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Insomniac’s Community Manager, James Stevenson, told an inquiring fan that the main storyline of Marvel’s Spider-Man will take about 20 hours to beat. That’s a sizeable chunk. In fact, Insomniac’s Spider-Man will be the longest game featuring the web-head in a primary role (not considering games in the LEGO franchise, for example).

But just how long will it take to beat everything in the game? Stevenson was coy on that matter. However, he did say completionist runs would take «much longer».

While we won’t know the exact final playtime of the game until it releases, we do know that it will be getting extra content following launch. If you’re wondering «will Spider-Man have DLC?», the answer is yes.

Post-Launch Plans

Yesterday, on the PlayStation blog,  Stevenson broke down what players can expect in terms of post-launch content. Called Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps, the game’s first DLC pack will be broken into three separate subpacks, all of which will release before the end of the year.

The first release, called Spider-Man: The Heist, will see our friendly neighborhood web-head joins forces with Black Cat in a slew of new missions and challenges. That DLC will launch on October 23.

The other two DLC expansions will be called Spider-Man: Turf Wars and Spider-Man: Silver Lining, which will release in November and December respectively. Stevenson did not elaborate on content those packs would have.

Each DLC pack will be available separately for $9.99 from the PlayStation Store. You can buy the entire «The City That Never Sleeps» bundle, which includes all three, for $24.99 and save $5.

Spider-Man is set to release on September 7 for the PS4. Check out our pre-order guide, as well as why we think this version of the wall-crawler resembles the awesomeness that was Shattered Dimensions.

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