Every Perk Card We’ve Found (So Far)

Fallout 76’s new leveling system is very different from previous games. This time it’s based around Perk cards, which you earn after leveling up or completing challenges. Every time you level up, you can put a point into one of the seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills that make up your character’s stats, and then pick a card to equip for the skill. The number of points you have in that skill determines how many cards you can have. For example, if you have four points in a particular skill, you can unlock four Rank 1 cards, or two Rank 2 cards, or one Rank 3 card and one Rank 1 card. A Perk card always starts at Rank 1, but if you want to upgrade its rank, you need to combine it with variable duplicates of the same card.

There are a bunch of cards to collect, and you get them at random. What you get is more reliant on luck than anything, but if you’re curious what’s out there, we’ve got your covered. Below we’ve compiled every card we’ve earned so far and have broken them all down into their specific categories. Be sure to check back often as we update this feature with even more Perk cards.

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In the meantime, got any super useful Perk cards that don’t see here? Be sure to tell us all about them and how great they are for your current character build in the comments below.

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Many of the Strength Perk cards we’ve found help you dish out extra damage with the different weapon types, such as Slugger and Gladiator, which affect the damage of two-handed and one-handed weapons respectively. Others increase your ability to withstand the weight of your weapons and equipment. There’s plenty for you to play around with if your objective is to utterly devastate enemies and players.


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Accuracy, firearms damage, and environmental awareness is the name of the game for Perception. You’ll want to net these bonuses if you’re more an exploration-focused player whose also a fan of picking locks effectively and keeping your distance from enemies.


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It’s not easy living out in the wasteland. Endurance Perk cards are going to increase your ability to resist diseases and radiation, as well as increase the effectiveness of your health items, and expand your repertoire of ways to get back into tip-top shape-for better or worse (refer to Cannibal).


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Charisma won’t mean much if you’re not the type to join up with friends. Most of the Charisma Perk cards we’ve found help heal teammates and offer bonuses to their statistics. But don’t ignore Charisma Perk cards entirely, as there are some that help out solo players too, like Field Surgeon, which makes it so Stimpaks and Radaway work much quicker. There’s also Bloocksucker, which makes drinking blood a totally viable way to quench your thirst! We’re still debating on whether or not that’s either creepy or charismatic..


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As you’d expect, Intelligence Perk cards improve your ability to craft weapons and armor. They also offer bonuses to hacking, health gain, and explosives damage. There’s plenty more that we’ve yet to find here, but these are the sorts of cards you’ll want if you’re more of a methodical tactician and tinkerer.


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Agility Perk cards add some finesse to your survival, offering you bonuses to Action Points and your overall physical ability. Whether it’s reducing the weight of food and drink or just making you better at sneaking, you’ll want Ability Perk card bonuses if you favor physical capability over strength and endurance.


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Luck Perk cards often increase your ability to pick up more money or resources. Others just improve an incredibly specific characteristic, like Can Do!, which ups your chances of finding an extra canned good when searching a container. Not every card we’ve found so far is useful, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to stat into Luck every once in a while to see what interesting bonus you might get.

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