How To Get The New Back Bling

Fortnite has opened up a new set of limited-time challenges in honor of everyone’s favorite sentient otherworldly cube. Your reward for completing the event is a Kevin the Cube to call your own, nicknamed Lil’ Kev, as a new piece of back bling.

The event takes place in two phases. First, you had to log on prior to 1 PM ET on November 5 to unlock the Lil’ Kev challenge pack-in other words, if you didn’t get in before that deadline, you have no way to obtain these challenges and the accompany back bling. Provided you did get online, doing so provides you with a set of three challenges, which themselves are pretty simple. You’ll have until November 11 at 1 PM ET to finish them to earn the back bling.

Unlike Fortnite’s weekly challenges, which are usually catered toward some specific seasonal content, these challenges will be naturally obtained if you play some Fortnite over the coming week. You’ll get completion simply by playing matches, earning XP, and outliving opponents. You’ll need to play a minimum of 15 games to complete all three.

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If you’re still looking to complete this season’s Battle Pass and earn your Season 6 rewards, check out our challenges guide. You can tote a new weapon into battle soon, since Epic has been teasing the addition of a new heavy assault rifle to the game that could drop any time. And if you’re a Kevin fan that somehow missed the big world event over the weekend, check out our recap. The cube has been busy making all sorts of weirdness happen in the world.


  • Play Matches (0/15) – 500 XP
  • Gain 5,000 XP (0/5000) – 500 XP
  • Outlive Opponents (0/500) – 500 XP

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