Even More Fortnite Funko Collectibles Are Coming

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in operation right now, and its constantly rotating cast of characters and skins gives lots of material to be immortalized by Funko. The company behind the little collectible figurines has announced a whole new spate of Funkos on the way in addition to the ones already announced.

Five-Star figures include Omega, Zoey with bandages, Moonwalker with Slurp Juice, Love Ranger, and Tomato Head. The Pint Size Heroes two-packs will bring Pathfinder with Highrise Assault Trooper, Ranger with Zoey, Funk Ops with Tomato Head, Omega with Valor, Raptor with Elite Agent, Black Knight with Red Knight, Rex with Tricera Ops, Cuddle Team Leader with Ghoul Trooper, and Moonwalker with Burnout.

New Vnyl figurines include a Cuddle Team Leader and Love Ranger two-pack, along with a Rex and Tricera Ops two-pack. The company also announced a bunch of new Pocket Pop keychains: Pocket Pop! Dark Voyager, Moonwalker, Highrise Assault Trooper, Tower Recon Specialist, Skull Trooper, Black Knight, Omega in full armor, Raptor, Brite Bomber, and Rex.

Finally, two more Pop figurines are coming: Rex and Dark Voyager. You can view the full spate of new figures below. Release dates weren’t given for the new Pops and other assorted figurines.

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Currently Fortnite is celebrating its new Fortnitemares event with some special loot, and more spooky skins appear to be on the way soon.

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