Sling Magic In Battle Royale Featuring Wizards

There’s not only fireballs in this game, but massive acid clouds, tumbling boulders, accurate ice shards, and furious wind storms. From what we can see in the video, the magical elements get attached to the wizard’s gauntlet, and they can switch between them at will.

Getting tired of all the guns in the battle royale genre? Spellbreak changes things up by giving players the opportunity to play as a magic-slinging wizard as they survive a battle royale. Check out the pre-alpha teaser above.

We can also see plenty of customization options on the wizards themselves. There’s one with a rough western hat, plenty of hoods, and capes galore.

As of right now, Spellbreak is in pre-alpha and to get access to the game you’ll have to sign up on their website.

Feeling a little impatient and you need to get into the game? You can always purchase Spellbreak‘s limited edition founder pack, and you’ll get three pre-alpha keys – though this costs $99.99. There are other packs listed on the website, but those have not released yet.

More details on Spellbreak will release as the development team make progress in the game and receive additional feedback from their pre-alpha players. Stay tuned to GameSkinny as we learn more.

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