Get Your Fortnite Dances Ready For The Next Limited-Time Mode

Fortnite: Battle Royale has another limited-time mode incoming, and this one just wants you to shut up and dance. Disco Domination takes one of the game’s most enduring and meme-worthy features and builds a whole toe-tapping game mode around it, having you defend your fellow party-goers as they dance the night away.

An in-game tease gave the name of the upcoming mode and says players will capture and defend dance floors using emotes to score points. An image shows a wild dance party around a disco ball; similar dance floors were previously found in-game as part of a challenge, so this may work similarly. In the meantime, you can continue checking out the current limited-time mode, Soaring 50s, which was briefly disabled after the rollout of the new 6.01 update.

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Fortnite recently rolled over into Season 6, with the theme «Darkness Rises.» The first teaser for Season 6 may have hinted at this new game mode, with a robot llama and the caption «All great parties need a DJ.» The robo-llama ended up being the DJ Yonder skin, one of the slew of new cosmetic skins you can earn this season. The update is also spooky-themed for Halloween, including elements like a Haunted Castle and cornfields.

The update also added Pets and Shadow Stones, and the newly floating island propelled by Kevin the Cube appears to be laying some preliminary groundwork for the next big world event. The most significant change this season came from outside the game, though, as Sony finally allowed cross-play on PS4.

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