Halo Infinite Dev Responds To Microtransaction Concerns

A months-old job advertisement at Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries basically confirms something that is already very obvious: Halo Infinite will have microtransactions in some form.

343 has shared no official information about how Halo Infinite will make use of microtransactions, so it’s understandable that fans are envisioning a worst-case scenario. 343 still isn’t saying anything about how Halo Infinite will use microtransactions, but the studio is now again telling fans not to worry.

«I know there’s very little real info to go on thus far, but I wouldn’t worry over a job description,» 343 community manager Brian Jarrad said on Twitter. He addded that the specific wording in the job ad for an Online Experience Design Director is «all pretty standard stuff» in the gaming business. «It doesn’t mean it’ll result in something bad,» Jarrard explained.

Indeed, microtransactions are commonplace in video games at Microsoft and basically every other big publisher. It is more notable when a game does not use microtransactions.

Halo 5: Guardians had a «Req» system for its microtransactions, and they proved to be very lucrative. So it was no surprise at all when the job ad from June mentioned that Halo Infinite will have a microtransaction system in some form. The job post from June 14 remains open on the Microsoft Careers page, so it seems it has not yet been filled.

The language in the job post is leading some Halo fans to worry about Halo Infinite’s use of microtransactions. The job ad states that the successful candidate will oversee numerous aspects of the connected, online experience including microtransactions and other systems that «encourage players to return again and again with their friends.»

This person will «design and deliver a AAA player investment experience that focuses on our fans and their desire to express their passion for our franchise (including but not limited to microtransactions),» reads a line from the job ad. It also states that a successful candidate should have a «comprehensive understanding of player psychology and what drives them to return to an experience.»

Until 343 shares more details on how Halo Infinite will use microtransactions, fans will continue to assume the worst. Even if those systems are still being decided, as Halo FPS boss Chris Lee has said, a statement from 343 would go a long way helping fans feel better.

It is likely that 343 does not yet know how it will implement microtransactions in Halo Infinite. The game will be playable ahead of launch through a «flighting» testing program, so that’s good news as players will be able to give feedback directly to 343. Whether or not microtransactions are part of the flighting program remains to be seen, however.

What we do know about Halo Infinite’s microtransactions is that they will not feature paid-for loot boxes.

Halo Infinite is currently in development for Xbox One and PC. No release date has been set.

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