How To Link Fortnite Console Accounts

For months, Sony had been the lone holdout when it came to allowing cross-play in Fortnite, but the company finally relented earlier this week and kicked off an «extended cross-play beta» for the hit battle royale game. If you’ve already made multiple Fortnite accounts in order to play on different consoles, Epic has now rolled out a tool that allows you to link all of your consoles to a single Epic Account.

First, the developer stresses that the following process will not transfer your existing purchases and progression from your account; rather, it will allow any future progression and purchases you make to carry across platforms. You will be able to combine all of your existing progression/purchases into one account when the developer releases an account merging tool this November.

Before you can link accounts, you’ll first need to decide which platform will be your Primary console and which will be your Secondary. Epic recommends that you use the platform with the progression/purchases you value most as your Primary one, as you won’t be able to access your Secondary console’s purchases until the account merging tool launches.

Once you’ve determined a Primary console and a Secondary one, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined on Epic’s website in order to link them together. Both of your console accounts will need to have an Epic Account association; if either one doesn’t, you’ll need to create one. At the end of this step, you should have two separate Epic Accounts, one for each console. You’ll also need to use a different email address for each account.

After that’s done, you’ll then need to unlink your Secondary console. Sign into Epic’s website with your Secondary console account, click on the Account dropdown menu, then click on Connected Accounts and choose Disconnect. Be sure to keep the login information for your Secondary console account, however, as you’ll need it to complete the account merging process in November.

Once you’ve clicked Unlink, log back in with your Primary console account, click on the Account dropdown menu, then click Connect on your Secondary console. Sign into that console when prompted, and your Primary and Secondary console accounts will be linked. You can find more details on how to complete the process here.

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