How To Skydive Through Floating Rings

Fortnite challenges for Week 7 of Season 6 aren’t particularly difficult. For the most part they involve doing damage to enemies, with one challenge specifically requiring headshot damage and the other being anywhere and everywhere. You’ll also have to search ammo boxes, destroy some trees, munch apples, and take out enemies in a specific location. You can see the complete list of Week 7 challenges for more information on those.

However, one challenge we haven’t mentioned above is a little trickier and most time-consuming than the rest. It’s exclusive to the paid Battle Pass tier, so you’ll need to have that to do it, and involves skydiving through 20 floating rings. That sounds pretty easy, but you’re probably going to have to settle in for a bit of trial and error. What makes this tricky is that, generally, you’ll only be able to do around four rings at a time, so you’ll need to spread it out over multiple matches.

As you float above the island in the bus, you’ll see the rings are immediately visible below. They’re nice and bright, giving you the perfect targets to aim for. You’ll also notice that they cascade downwards in a way that will require some good air control. To actually make it count, you’ll need to be skydiving as you pass through them, but to move from one ring to another while maintaining height and momentum, we recommend switching to the glider. Once you’re close enough, hit the skydive button to go through, and then switch back to the glider to make your way to the next one.

As we said, you won’t be able to get all of them in a single jump, so we recommend playing out the rest of the match to work towards completing the other challenges. Then, once the match is over, repeat the process. Before long you’ll have completed the rings challenge and also made a fair amount of progress on finishing up the others.

If you need help completing the other challenges from the season, check out our full Season 6 challenge guide. If you’re on top of it all and need something else to do, Epic recently rolled out Fortnite update v6.22 and introduced two new limited-time modes. Team Terror, which pits two teams of 32 against each other and throws in some Cube Monsters for good measure. Blitz, meanwhile, is a high-speed version of the standard Battle Royale mode that makes the circle start to close from the outset. It’ll also shrink more frequently than usual, so your matches shouldn’t go on beyond 15 minutes.

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