The Sims 4 Getting First-Person Mode

The patch that introduces first-person mode will be available on November 13, and everyone gets it for free. The next paid expansion for The Sims 4 meanwhile, Get Famous, arrives on November 16.

The Sims 4 is adding a first-person camera, developer EA Maxis has announced. The studio revealed the feature in the newest Maxis Monthly livestream on Twitch, and it looks absolutely bizarre, wonderful, and ripe for videos of first-person Sim sex.

The first-person option underwent a number of revisions to get it to a workable, enjoyable state. In the stream, Maxis representatives talk about how the initial version of first-person mode was disorienting and vomit-inducing, but some camera-smoothing elements were implemented to help fix this. The camera is situated on your primary Sim’s face, but to get this to work, Maxis removed your Sim’s head to avoid clipping and other issues. Think about that for a minute. «It embraces The Sims’ weirdness,» community manager SimGuru Kate says of the new first-person mode.

The first-person option opens up a lot of exciting new possibilities, and one of those is sex. SimGuru Kate said you might be wondering what woo-hooing (the terminology for sex in The Sims) might look like in first-person, and she says you’ll find out in due time. The first-person camera will also be especially remarkable for events like having a baby and getting into a fight.

«We know this is not for everybody; it’s just weird and fun and quite random,» SimGuru Kate says.

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