Video Games Was A Category On Jeopardy Tonight, And The Contestants Didn’t Do So Well

Host Alex Trebek jokes about the contestants not doing so well, which draws laughter from the audience. The fact that the Video Games category was chosen last probably says something about the contestants’ confidence in their video game knowledge.

Tonight’s episode of the long-running TV game show Jeopardy featured a «Video Games» category, and the contestants struggled. In the hard-to-watch clip below, the contestants get almost every single question wrong or don’t answer at all, as they do their best at coming up with answers about video games.

Before watching the clip, test yourself and see how you would do. Here are the questions:

  • «This company’s ‘Infinity’ allowed you to play characters from The Incredibles and Cars, to name a few.» (For 200)
  • «Morrowind and Skyrim are iterations of this ‘venerable’ set of games.» (For 400)
  • «A big gaming story of 2018 is Fortnite: This genre of game where the winner is last shooter or last team standing.» (For 600)
  • «In the classic video game Joust, contestants were placed upon these birds.» (For 800)
  • «Make your future fighting Ghaul, leader of the Red Legion in the second iteration of this Bungie game.» (For 1,000)

The cringe-worthy clip can be seen below.

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