New Free State Of Decay 2 DLC Announced

Microsoft has a ton of new content coming to its biggest Xbox One and PC games of 2018, and that includes State of Decay 2. During its X018 event in Mexico City, the company gave fans their first look at Undead Labs’ next update for the zombie survival game: Zed Hunter.

Zed Hunter arrives as a free update for State of Decay 2 on November 16. It introduces a handful of new weapons to the game, among them the crossbow. Design director Richard Foge described the new weapon as a stealthier way to take out enemies; you’re able to quietly fire bolts at zombies from a distance without drawing attention to yourself. These bolts will also stick to the environment, and you’ll be able to recover them if they don’t break.

In addition to the crossbow, the Zed Hunter update introduces three new «quiet» melee weapons, as well as six new consumables, some of which are based on zombie plague experiments. These will give you abilities in exchange for blood plague accumulation, such as the power to see in the dark. You can watch the reveal trailer for Zed Hunter above.

That isn’t all the new content on the horizon for State of Decay 2. Foge teased that another free update is coming in early 2019. This one will let players experience new challenges and new ways of surviving with their communities. He also teased that players will be able to return to Trumbull Valley in 2019, although he wasn’t able to share any more details beyond that.

Microsoft shared a ton of announcements during its X018 event. The company revealed a new mode coming to Rare’s shared pirate adventure Sea of Thieves called The Arena. We also got our first look at Void Bastards, a stylish shooter from developers behind System Shock and BioShock.

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