How To Use Fast Travel In Red Dead 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you’re going to be spending a lot of time riding your horse. There’s nothing but land, and lots of it, in Rockstar’s latest open-world so journeying on horseback is a reality you’re going to have to accept during the game’s opening hours. Fortunately for you, there are ways to expedite your travels.

There’s a fast travel system hidden in Red Dead Redemption 2. Better yet, there’s a couple ways you can go about doing it. Below we highlight the two main methods, but before you seek them out, we do highly recommend making horse riding your primary means of travel. After all, it’s your time spent out in the world where you can better discover all the game has to offer, as well as author your own unique adventures.

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Method 1: Stagecoaches And Trains

It makes sense that transportation technology of the day would be a form of fast travel in the game. Both stagecoaches and trains can get you places you want to go quickly. However, you’ll have to pay a small fee to use them, and they require you to physically travel to them first-you can’t just warp around by picking an icon on your map.

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Stagecoaches appear on the map as an icon that resembles a wooden sign pointing in two different directions. Labeled as «Taxi Coach» in the game, you can use these to take a stagecoach to locations you’ve previously visited. The fee increases based on the distance travelled, so make sure you’ve got enough on you to cover the charge.

If you’re looking to ride a train, you’ll to need to purchase a ticket. These are sold at post offices in town, which are icons on the map with an envelope on them. Trains will take you to previously visited towns that have stations with train tracks running by them.

Method 2: Camp Fast Travel

It’s possible to fast travel from your camp after unlocking the upgrade, “Next in Line.» You can find the camp upgrades page by approaching the donation box at your camp. The fast travel upgrade is the second option in the list and costs about $325, so make sure you’ve saved up enough and find this upgrade worthwhile in general as you may want to refocus your funds on more fruitful endeavors.

Once you’ve unlocked the upgrade, you’ll find a map on the back of the stagecoach next to Arthur’s bed. You can use it to travel to a variety of locations, which includes certain towns and other significant locations in the game. Be wary, your camp fast travel only works one way, so if you use it to go to a town on the other side of the map, you’ll need to either ride your horse, hire a stagecoach, or take a train to get back.

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