Population Zero Video Showcases Building System

Earlier this week, Enplex Games gave fans a look at the perk system that will be featured in the company’s upcoming game, Population Zero. Now, the studio is back with more information to keep players interested, and this time it is centered around the importance of building in the survival MMO.

«Building in Population Zero will be more than just making square textured boxes to store your resources and wait out the night,» a blog post from Enplex states. Instead, the company suggests that the title will make base building a central gameplay element, and it all starts with gathering resources.

As players explore the world of Population Zero, they will be able to harvest materials from numerous resource points. The tools used to harvest will play an important role, as these points will grant different items based on the extraction method a player chooses, and factors like the time of day will also inform what materials are available.

After gathering resources, players can then begin on their constructions, using a number of different «shapes and forms» to do so. While it appears that Enplex wants to be certain that distinct and unique buildings are possible, a durability and weight system is also in place that will require players to consider structural integrity as they create their bases.

This emphasis on bases being architecturally sound also acts as a foundation for player vs. player engagement. Specifically, weak points will be opportunities for raiding players to bring down opposing structures, and defense mechanisms will be needed to keep a base protected.

Buildings will not only be sites for hostile interactions, as the game’s guild system will allow players to combine forces and build settlements together. Enplex indicates that the end result of this type of cooperation could be domination of «entire regions of the planet.»

With Population Zero now in its pre-alpha testing phase, Enplex has been diligent in sharing information about the game, including details on its unique art style. While it remains to be seen if the title will be able to «reimagine» the genre in the way the company hopes, the material that has been made available thus far is certain to pique the interest of some.

More details on building in Population Zero can be found on the game’s website.

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