Rainbow Six-Style FPS Ready Or Not Gets Extended Gameplay Trailer

After months of silence, developer Void Interactive has released a lengthy gameplay trailer for its upcoming Rainbow Six-like shooter, Ready or Not. The video, which you can watch above, provides our first extended look at the gameplay, which is strongly reminiscent of the SWAT series.

Ready or Not is billed as a «realistic tactical shooter» that’s «set against the backdrop of political and economic instability in the United States.» The game casts players in the role of Judge, a SWAT solider «tasked with defusing tense, hostile situations in a morally bankrupt city.»

Void Interactive had previously confirmed that Ready or Not will feature both competitive and cooperative modes, as well as a single-player mode. In the latter, the developer says players will be able to command their AI teammates using either an on-screen interface or with voice commands through the game’s «finely tuned speech recognition system.»

Ready or Not still doesn’t have a release date, but the game is projected to launch in late 2020. Ahead of that, players can pre-order it through Void Interactive’s website. The game is available in two versions; the standard edition (which runs for $40), and the $120 Supporter edition.

Along with the full game, the standard edition grants players access to a beta taking place in June 2020. The Supporter edition, meanwhile, also includes access to an alpha build in August of this year, as well as an FBI HRT pack and a 25% discount on the game’s first expansion.

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