Survey To Understand The Behavior Of Online Gamers Comes Up With Interesting Results

Online gaming… On the list of things that makes game developers big bucks, it’s right up there – particularly with games that manage to nail their microtransaction systems.

In fact, it’s been estimated that the digital game industry brought in 91% of last year’s revenue, accounting for $125.3 billion out of $137.9 billion. According to reports, the bulk of of that 91% is mobile devices – both phones and tablets.

As noted in the first paragraph, microtransactions attribute to a lot of this income, and a good portion of those transactions are being compared to  gambling. So, it should probably be no surprise that a gambling-based site take interest in what’s going on with them – particularly since the lines have become blurred and their content is likely included in the data on casual online game revenue.

With this in mind, the folks behind Chumba Casino conducted a survey on «frequent online gamers» in order to learn more about their habits and the time they spend online.

The survey focuses on a few areas: the habits of millennial gamers, career gamers, the differences between male and female gamers, how gaming affects productivity, what cause the rise of online gaming, and – because it’s the hot thing right now – Fortnite players.


The survey comes up with a few interesting findings, including the fact that 39 percent of millennial gamers have admitted to skipping social activities to stay home and play games, compared to the average of 25 percent of other groups.

(Keep in mind that this is a survey and not a study, so there’s a margin of error as to how honest those surveyed are actually being.)

Streamers and YouTubers

As for career gaming, it’s probably no surprise that those who grew up with YouTube and Twitch see online gaming as a reasonable career choice, or that women are less likely to get in on the game streaming action.  The survey did not go into detail as to why women are less inclined to hop on Twitch and start streaming.

Speaking of Men and Women

As this survey is done by a gambling site that offers prizes to players, the women vs. men section of the survey discusses not only the ratio of male to female gamers (45% and 55%, respectively) but whether or not they’ve won anything. As it turns out, about 47% of players report winning prizes.

Ahhh… Fork Knife

While Fortnite is not a casino-lite game (although you can win tournaments or earn digital goodies), the survey also addresses what’s happening with it. It makes sense because at the moment, Fortnite levels of sales are what everyone aspires to. The big takeaway from that section of the survey is that 51% of players surveyed have reported spending over $20 to buy cosmetics.

Those interested in perusing the full survey – which does offer more interesting tidbits – can find it on the Chumba Casino site in text and snazzy infographic form.

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