System Shock Remake Video Teases New Art Style

Nightdive Studios’ long-awaited full remake of the cyberpunk/horror classic System Shock easily made our list of most anticipated games of 2018. Obviously, it didn’t actually meet that hoped-for release window.

This ground-up remake was successfully crowd funded in a week on Kickstarter back in 2016, but it has since been in an on-again, off-again development cycle that has left the game’s future uncertain.

However, it would appear that development is most definitely back on at this point, as a new art video just landed online showing off what fans can expect from a graphical standpoint.

The video replaces all the temporary art previously used in the Adventure Alpha, which backers got access to awhile back, and it features a look that is much smoother and more updated than the source material. The textures and lighting are definitely more on par with 2017’s Prey than the original rough ’94 iteration of System Shock.

A collection of misty floors and ominous red lighting, while the all seeing eye of SHODAN watches down from above, maintains on old school feel that should please fans of the original game, while you also get some hive-like classic Alien concepts with the corridor design.

After previously offering up new versions of Forsaken and Turok, Nightdive additionally announced last month that a remastered version of occult horror FPS classic Blood, which originally dropped way back in 1997, is also now in the works.

While the developers have not officially announced a release date for the System Shock remake, previous updates have indicated that the release window is expected for Q1 2020 at this point. Another video showing off the combat mechanics is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Still want to see more of what the new System Shock will offer? Additional new art assets and the latest backer update can be found on Kickstarter.

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