Fortnite Buccaneer’s Bounty Challenges And Rewards

Fortnite’s 8.30 update is now live across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Not only did this week’s patch introduce Reboot Vans to the battle royale game, it also marked the start of a new limited-time event called Buccaneer’s Bounty, which features its own unique set of challenges and rewards.

Buccaneer’s Bounty runs until April 15. Each day of the event, Epic is featuring a different limited-time mode, and there will be a new challenge to complete and cosmetic reward to unlock. If you manage to complete all four of the Buccaneer’s Bounty challenges before the event ends, you’ll also earn a special reward: an Epic-tier emote.

The first Buccaneer’s Bounty challenge is fairly straightforward: visit a Pirate Camp in different matches. You’ll need to travel to 10 of these camps to complete the mission. Fortunately, the Pirate Camps are always located in the same spots, so with a little persistence you should be able to complete this challenge without too much difficulty. Be sure to check out our Pirate Camp location guide if you need help finding them.

The second challenge is likewise self-explanatory: search one Buried Treasure. Once that’s completed, you’ll unlock a special Pirate Parrot spray. You can see all of the Buccaneer’s Bounty challenges so far below. We’ll continue to update this list as new challenges are unlocked each day of the event.

Fortnite Buccaneer’s Bounty Challenges
  1. Visit a Pirate Camp in different matches (10) – Plunder glider
  2. Search Buried Treasure (1) – Pirate Parrot spray
  3. TBD
  4. TBD

In addition to the Buccaneer’s Bounty challenges, Week 7’s challenges are also now live. This week’s tasks run the gamut from visiting three Pirate Camps in a single match to eliminating opponents in named locations and searching chests at Loot Lake or Snobby Shores. Once those are completed, you’ll be another step closer to unlocking the Legendary Ruin skin in Week 8.

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