Fortnite Guide: Where To Find Pianos, Play Sheet Music (Season 7, Week 2)

We’re in Week 2 of Fortnite Season 7 and there’s a fresh crop of challenges for your to reap Battle Stars from. For PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, or mobile players, Week 7’s challenges are broken up into two categories, as usual. Both the Free and Battle Pass categories have fairly straightforward tasks, but in the latter there’s one that could give you a bit of trouble if you don’t know where to look. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you find the pianos in Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge.

Unlike previous iterations, you don’t actually have to hunt down the sheet music this time around, as the notes you need to play are visible when near the pianos. So, all you’ve got to do it head to the giant pianos and get to playing them. Thankfully, Epic Games has done us a solid and pointed us in the right direction: Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge.

However, those are pretty big areas, so you may require more specific info on where to go. If you’re at Pleasant Park, head to the hill just to the west and you’ll see the musical instrument. Jump on the keys in the right order and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that you’ll want to pick the right moment to start playing, as other players who also try to use the same piano will interrupt your progress.

At Lonely Lodge, move towards the hill on the north shore and you’ll spot the piano. Once again, hop on keys in the right order and you’ll complete the challenge. For a closer look at exactly where you need to go, and how to properly play your musical masterpiece, you can watch us complete the challenge in the video at the top of this guide.

Fortnite Play Piano Sheet Music Locations
  • Pleasant Park: Hill to the west
  • Lonely Lodge: Hill on the north shore

Once that’s wrapped up, you’ll have a few extra Battle Stars that you can put towards unlocking Season 7’s new cosmetics and rewards. If you still need some more Battle Stars, you can check out the other challenges from Week 2 here or have a look at week one’s challenges in our complete Season 7 challenge guide.

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