Pokemon Go Makes It Easier To Find Meltan

While the new Mythical Pokemon Meltan can be obtained in Pokemon Go through a Special Research quest, the easiest way to get your hands on one is by linking the game up to Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee for Nintendo Switch. When you transfer a Gen 1 Pokemon over to the Switch titles, you’ll receive an item in Go called the Mystery Box, which is the key to making Meltan appear in the game. Now the Mystery Box has gotten a little upgrade.

According to the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, it’ll be much easier to find Meltan in the wild when the Mystery Box is activated. «The Mystery Box’s effect has grown stronger,» the account tweeted. «Now when you use the Mystery Box, even more Meltan will appear for you to encounter.»

Outside of the aforementioned Special Research quest, Meltan can only be found in Pokemon Go using the Mystery Box. The item will open up after you transfer a Pokemon to either Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee, causing Meltan to spawn in Pokemon Go. However, the Mystery Box will only remain open for 30 minutes, and you need to wait a full seven days before you can activate it again, giving you only a brief window of time to catch as many of the Pokemon as you can.

Niantic hasn’t specified how much Meltan spawns have been increased following this update, but it’s a welcome change nonetheless, particularly if you’re hoping to get a Melmetal. In order to evolve Meltan into one, you’ll need to feed it 400 Meltan Candies, which means you need to capture quite a few of them to achieve that feat. You can read more about the process in our Meltan guide.

2018 has been a big year for Pokemon Go, and there are still some features on the way to the game soon. Niantic recently unveiled a PvP Trainer Battle system for the title, which will give you the ability to compete directly against other players. You also still have a little more time to catch Pokemon Go’s latest Legendary, Cresselia. The Lunar Pokemon is scheduled to leave Raid Battles on December 18.

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