Cheapest Places To Get The Service

Black Friday 2018 is officially here, and among countless other things that will be on sale, a few stores will be selling Xbox Game Pass at a discount. The subscription service allows you to access a vast library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, which is quite the convenience if you want access to a bunch of games all at once.

Currently, there are only three Black Friday deals for Xbox Game Pass, but they’re each pretty good. We’ve outlined them below, and will update the list if any other retailers offer a Black Friday discount for Xbox Game Pass. For more Xbox One deals, check out our roundup of every Xbox One Black Friday deal that’s been revealed.

At most stores, Xbox Game Pass is usually sold in subscription packages of one-month for $10, three-month for $30, and six-month for $60. This Black Friday, Best Buy is offering a special 12-month subscription for $70. It’s the best Black Friday Xbox Game Pass deal if you plan on using the service for the long-term. Although Best Buy has launched many of its deals early for My Best Buy members, this is one that you’ll apparently have to wait until later in the week to take advantage of.

If you’re only looking to try out Game Pass-and you want a bit longer than the free 14-day trial-then both the Microsoft Store and Xbox Marketplace are selling a one-month subscription for $1 on Black Friday.

Similar to how buying a Netflix subscription gives you access to hundreds of TV shows and movies, paying for Xbox Game Pass unlocks select Xbox One and Xbox 360 games that you can download onto your One, One S, or One X console. You can keep these games for as long as you continue paying for the subscription, and Microsoft updates the list of available titles every month. Xbox Game Pass includes dozens of gaming classics, such as Mass Effect and Sunset Overdrive, and certain titles like Forza Horizon 4 are added to the service the day the game launches.

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