Here’s A Really Good Overwatch Drum Cover

Andrew Fleming, the drummer of Islander and maker of excellent drum cover videos of video game songs, is back with his latest-and it’s all about Overwatch.

Fleming takes Overwatch’s mostly serene, piano-filled «Hollywood» track and dials up the intensity with double-bass, fills galore, and open hi-hat. It’s quite great.

The video caught the attention of Overwatch developer Blizzard. The official Overwatch Twitter account re-tweeted Fleming’s video and congratulated him with a nice animated GIF of J.K. Simmons from the music movie Whiplash.

Fleming has posted many video game drum covers in the past. Before this, he crushed the Pokemon Red/Blue music and the «Battle Theme» from 2001’s Final Fantasy X. In 2016, he performed a rippin’ Sonic «Green Hill Zone» drum cover, and before that he nailed the awesome Destiny drum cover.

You can watch all of Fleming’s videos on his AF Drums YouTube page.

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