Sega Teases Finally Lead To Catherine Launching On Steam

Following a week of hints, Sega has released the puzzle game Catherine on PC. It’s now available on Steam as «Catherine Classic» for $20 / £15 / 20. The PC release boasts some tweaks to take advantage of the hardware, and purchasing early nets you some extra goodies.

Those enhancements include 4K support, an unlocked framerate, customizable keyboard and mouse controls, and the option of using Japanese voiceover. If you purchase within the first two weeks of release, you’ll also get desktop and mobile wallpapers, avatars, and soundtrack samples.

Catherine tells the story of a young man facing the choice of settling down with his longtime girlfriend, Katherine, when he’s tempted by another woman named Catherine. It centers on adult themes like sexuality, commitment, and betrayal, and features several branching story paths. The puzzle gameplay takes place in the man’s nightmares, where he has to climb his way to goals while avoiding obstacles.

A PC port seemed like only a matter of time, after Sega began updating its various pages with images of sheep-a reference to Catherine. Then the ESRB rated the game for PC, which made it a near-certainty.

This version is listed as the «Classic» version because an updated one is planned for release. Catherine Full Body is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan on February 14, and a western release is said to be coming shortly afterward. Sega did not give any indication whether the new features and story content being added to Full Body will be available for PC.

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