GOG Kicks Off Its Black Friday Sale With Deals Of Up to 90% Off

GOG, the video game distribution platform that specializes in DRM-free games, kicked off a massive Black Friday sale today, featuring thirteen pages of discounts ranging from 10% to 90% off. The sale includes everything from AAA titles like The Witcher III: Wild Hunt: Game of the Year Edition with a 60% markdown to indie titles such as Frost Punk – currently 33% off.

The GOG Black Friday sale has someone for everyone, including fans of RPGs, survival games, sims, shooters, adventure games, puzzle games, and more. There’s also plenty of DLC available for those just looking to complete their collections.

The sale is already under way and as of now and runs until November 27. All 500+ games included in the sale are DRM free, meaning they’re yours to keep no matter what happens down the line. As an added plus, games on GOG also feature a 30-day money back guarantee.

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