Fortnite Guide: Where To Find Abandoned Mansion For Dance Off (Season 7, Week 2)

Fortnite Season 7, Week 2’s challenges are, for the most part, pretty straightforward. Among both the free and paid categories, the tasks will be familiar as they’ve been used numerous times in the past. However, in the paid section there are a couple that require a little extra time and effort. The first involves playing sheet music on giant pianos that can be found on the island (we’ve got a guide for that). The second asks players to find an abandoned mansion and compete in a dance off.

This particular challenge is designated as a «Hard» in the challenge list, and that’s mostly because finding the abandoned mansion can be tricky, if you’re not super familiar with the current layout of the island. Thankfully, we are, and we’ve completed the challenge. That means we can tell you exactly where to go: the Lonely Lodge mansion. Specifically, you’ll need to head the basement of this mansion, where you’ll find a little dance floor ready to host your battle of moves.

The other tricky thing is actually having someone else there because-as with all dance offs-it’s a one versus one situation. We recommend doing this challenge first, as most players will be looking to get it done so the dance floor will be heaving with party goers. You only need to partake in a dance off, not necessarily win one-it’s the taking part that counts.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a video of us doing the challenge. Take a look above and you can see us go through the steps, and you can even play along if you want. Overall, this one shouldn’t take you very long at all, so you can switch to other challenges in no time.

Once that’s done, you can take a look at the full Fortnite Season 7, Week 2 challenge list to see what else you can complete to unlock Battle Stars. If you’ve completed all the challenges thus far, you may want to peruse our gallery for Season 7’s new cosmetics and rewards to see if anything tickles your fancy. Running short on Battle Stars? Don’t worry, we’ve got a complete Season 7 challenge guide that you can use to do last week’s challenges.

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