PC Gaming Handheld SMACH Z Scheduled To Enter Production Early Next Year

If there’s one true downside of PC gaming, it’s that taking your games with you is difficult at best. The good news is, someone’s working to fix that. Soon, SMACH Z, a handheld console, will allow PC gamers to take their games with them on the go.

After two years of development, the SMACH Z team is ready to take their device to production, beginning in early 2019. Anyone who backed the project doesn’t have much longer to wait to get their hands on one. (Everyone else will have to wait a bit longer.)

The SMASH Z is a Windows or Linux machine and will connect to any game distribution platform – including Steam, GOG, and Origin. It even allows users to use basic PC programs like Excel.

The device features a 6-inch high-definition touch screen, AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics, and hardware based on AMD Ryzen Embedded. There’s a solid amount of storage for a portable device, as well as RAM.

There are two versions of the SMACH Z. The first runs $699, and offers a smaller amount of RAM and hard drive space. The second – known as the SMACH Z Pro – costs $899 and includes a 5 MPx camera in addition to the larger memory and storage.

More information on the device and how to obtain one of your very own is available on the SMACH Z site.

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