Steam Adds Australian Pricing, But It Doesn’t Go So Well

The day has finally come for Australian gamers. Steam, the world’s largest digital PC store, now officially supports the Australian dollar. Since Steam’s launch, Australian users were forced to pay in American dollars, which meant higher prices in some cases after conversion.

In a post on Steam’s website, Valve explained that Australian Steam accounts with Steam Wallets in USD will see that money automatically converted to AUD based on the current market rate. The FAQ also clarifies that those with Australian accounts must pay in AUD.

Finally, Australian pricing is available

Finally, Australian pricing is available
The page also states that the majority of games on Steam will see their prices automatically converted from USD to AUD, except for an «an occasional product» that might go missing until it’s priced in AUD.

According to Kotaku, developers must set region-specific prices or else their games won’t be sold in the relevant regions. Apparently some developers forgot about this. As Kotaku points out, games like Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Celeste, Return of the Obra Dinn, Hellblade, and the Microsoft game Quantum Break cannot be purchased on Australian Steam accounts.

It’s likely the publishers of these games will act quickly to get this sorted out, but for now, it’s a frustrating annoyance for those looking to pick up these games and others.

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