Blacks Ops 4 Update Features Safeguard, Map Variants, and More

Aside from the post-launch addition of the Nuketown map and the implementation of the Black Market, things have been relatively quiet since the October launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. However, a new update has brought several goodies to Treyarch’s new first-person shooter, including the return of a game mode, two map variants, and more.

Originally appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Safeguard is a multiplayer game mode that is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4. Describing Safeguard, a Reddit post from Treyarch states that players are to «escort the robot into enemy territory and keep the opposing team from doing the same to secure the win.»

An exact date for Safeguard’s debut on the PC and Xbox One versions of Black Ops 4 was not revealed, however, three new playlists were added to the Featured category on all platforms. Hopefully, this will give these players some respite while they wait for the new game mode.

Additionally, players on all platforms now have access to two new map variants: Seaside Sunset and Firing Range Night. These variants «bring a nighttime flair» to two of the the game’s launch maps, and these free additions will be available indefinitely.

Blackout, Black Ops 4‘s battle-royale game mode, is also receiving some new content. PS4 players can now unlock Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Richtofen, characters from a map introduced in Black Ops 2, and participate in the returning and retuned Blightfather event. Further, the Bowie Knife, which was released on PS4 last week, is now available to players on PC and Xbox One as well.

This update also comes with a batch of bug and exploit fixes and an overall stability increase for the Zombies game mode.

Black Ops 4 is our preferred multiplayer shooter from this Fall, and it is an experience that our writers have called «one of the most complete FPS packages the series has ever known.»

While players on PS4 are obviously reaping the benefits of this update most immediately, many fans on other platforms will be happy to know that there is new content on the horizon. However, a fix to a bug with the «Prestigious Award» achievement that is preventing players from achieving Platinum may meet more applause at this point.

Full patch notes are available via Treyarch’s post on Reddit.

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