Where Are Carnival Clown Boards? Fortnite Locations

It’s the penultimate week of Fortnite Season 6, which means time is quickly running out on completing challenges, getting the Battle Stars, and unlocking cosmetics by levelling up your Battle Pass. But before you start churning through the challenges from previous weeks, you’ll need to do the latest batch. And one of them involving Carnival Clown Boards’ locations is quite tricky, so we’ve put together a guide to help you get it done quickly.

The challenge in question is included in the free section of Week 9’s offering and tasks players with getting a score of 10 or more on three different Carnival Clown Boards. This is a familiar challenge format, having been previously used for shooting galleries or clay pigeons. Like those challenges, the difficulty lies in finding the actual Carnival Clown Boards. Once you’ve got your eyes on them, all you need to do activate the board and shoot the balloons as they appear around you, which is not very difficult at all.

So, where are the Carnival Clown Boards? Well, we’ve found them and put their exact locations below. You can find one east of Junk Junction, another in the Pleasant Park’s southwest corner, and the third around the RV park in Lonely Lodge. As an added bonus, there’s a fourth one to the northwest of Paradise Palms.

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Carnival Clown Board Locations
  • East of Junk Junction
  • Southwest corner of Pleasant Park
  • Lonely Lodge in the RV Park
  • Northwest of Paradise Palms

With that done, you can see the rest of Fortnite Season 6, Week 9’s challenges here. The rest of them are focused on either using specific weapons or stunting in vehicles. Because of this, you’ll be able to knock them out by just playing the Battle Royale mode naturally.

Once those are done, you can start working towards completing any outstanding challenges from the rest of Season 6. Lucky for you, we’ve been putting together guides for the harder challenges on a weekly basis, which means there’s a comprehensive Fortnite Season 6 challenge guide to help you along.

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