Don’t Miss This Free PC Game On Steam

Everyone with a gaming PC and an appreciation for 4X and real-time strategy games should head to Steam now. That’s because you can download Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion for free, with no strings attached, between now and December 19. It’s a great deal, considering the game normally sells for $40. Get your copy here.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is a standalone expansion that originally launched in 2012. In it, you control a growing number of galactic civilizations. Your job is to assemble battle fleets and sail through space, colonizing planets and asteroids, collecting resources, and either making nice or going to war with alien species.

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In GameSpot’s 8.5/10 Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion review, Brett Todd wrote, «Rebellion puts a nice capper on the Sins of a Solar Empire franchise. While this is an excellent game, with loads of new options and an incredible amount of tactical depth, it does show the age of the series. It’s hard to imagine the Sins games progressing without a more serious overhaul to move the next release into full-blown sequel territory. Until that game launches, however, you can get your space-empire fix from this outstanding stand-alone expansion, which contains enough ways to conquer a galaxy to tide you over for a very long time.»

The reason for the giveaway is the release of the DLC expansion Minor Factions, which adds 15 (you guessed it) minor factions to the game, each of which has unique abilities and advantages. With these enabled, publisher Stardock Entertainment says, the «game will place a number of minor factions onto the map to expand your strategic and tactical options.»

If it sounds like something worth trying, make sure you grab the game before it goes back to full price on December 19.

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