Discord Announces 90/10 Revenue Split For Game Devs Using Their Store

The end of 2018 is coming fast, and one thing is becoming apparent: 2019 might be a good year for developers, especially those looking to get their games in front of players’ without having to take a big hit to revenue.

If nothing else, it’s going to be a fun year for gamers who like watching companies fight with each other to get a piece of that sweet gaming money pie – no matter how small it might be.

Today, the folks at Discord announced a new incentive program to get game developers to use their store. They’re offering devs a 90/10 split of the revenue of all the games sold on the Discord game store.

For those keeping score, that means Discord is asking for 2% less than the Epic Game Store, which offers an 88/12 split. And they’re certainly asking less than Steam, which takes somewhere between 20% and 25% of the revenue based on how much money the game is making.

A good question to ask here might be, «But who’s going to use the Discord store when we all already have Steam, Origin, the EGS, etc?». Well, as the company points out, the Discord app has over 200 million users. The store is contained within the chat/voice program and it lives in every user’s friends list.

Basically, it’s convenient and easy to use.

The other question here is, «How long can these deals last?». That’s something I’m personally curious about. In the past, we’ve seen streaming and video platforms offer revenue split to content creators that were pretty awesome deals, only for the company to come back later and rework the whole thing giving the content creators less.

Hopefully, Discord and Epic have both thought these out to the point that they won’t have to do the same to developers in the future.

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