Watching Ring of Elysium Streams Now Grants Rewards on SLIVER.tv

Following a recent announcement by Tencent Games, fans of Ring of Elysium can now earn rewards by watching the battle royale streamed on SLIVER.tv, an eSports-focused platform that features live-streamed content 24-hours a day.

Ring of Elysium‘s new SLIVER.tv channel will showcase streamers from FaZe Clan, Method, and NRG as they tackle the battle royale’s snowy terrain, and viewers will collect coins as they watch.

Watching Ring of Elysium currently nets viewers three-times as many coins as other channels, and these coins can be used to make predictions on the outcome of the stream being viewed (for example, «Who will win this match?»).

Correct predictions grant tickets to viewers, and these tickets act as entries into a randomized drawing for prizes, including exclusive Ring of Elysium items and skins.

Additionally, correct predictions are one way to earn Theta Tokens on SLIVER.tv. These tokens can be used at the website’s store, which contains skins and other items for Ring of Elysium, Overwatch, Fortnite, and other game’s featured on the platform.

While Twitch.tv may stand tall as the site for streaming, other platforms are finding ways to draw viewers and keep them engaged – blockchain technology is one such method. To find out more about earning rewards on SLIVER.tv, a full guide is available on their website.

Ring of Elysium is Tencent Games’ newest free-to-play online arena shooter, featuring a dynamically changing world and goal-oriented gameplay that offers a slight twist on the genre. If you are looking for some tips before you jump in and do battle, be sure to check out our Ring of Elysium guides.

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