New Far Cry Game Teased For The Game Awards

Ubisoft has teased an impending Far Cry announcement for The Game Awards with a short video that hints at a post-apocalyptic theme. Though the brief look doesn’t explicitly say the announcement is connected with Far Cry 5, the setting appears similar to that game. Spoilers for Far Cry 5 follow.

The teaser begins with a nuclear explosion over a track of farm land, echoing the ending of Far Cry 5 when the cult leader Joseph Seed was proven right after all. His prophecy came true and the world-or at least a sizable chunk of rural Montana-was obliterated by nukes. The connection suggests this game will follow the events of Far Cry 5.

The teaser says the world recovered and vegetation regrew, and the survivors thought the threat had passed. But, in an ominous twist, the narration says they were wrong, as we see a figure picking up a sawblade for an apparent makeshift weapon. This would appear to be a post-apocalyptic Far Cry, complete with scrappy survivors.

The brief video doesn’t indicate much about whether this will be downloadable content for Far Cry 5, a new standalone spin-off like Blood Dragon, or an entirely new game. Far Cry 5 already had a full season pass of content, complete with zombies, outer space, and Vietnam.

We’ll know more tomorrow when the full reveal airs live during The Game Awards. It all kicks off starting at 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT / 1:30 AM GMT (Friday) / 12:30 PM AET (Friday), and you can watch it right here at GameSpot. While some studios are teasing reveals for The Game Awards, others have stepped forward to say they won’t be showing their games.

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