Here’s How Fortnite Celebrated The New Year

Fortnite rang in the new year for anyone who happened to be in the game when the ball drops. A video captured from a streamer in New Zealand-where 2019 came earlier than many other territories-was the first to show the festivities as they occurred, and it was followed by similar celebrations in other time zones.

Streamer Rocky posted the video, which includes a giant spinning disco ball, some fireworks, and «2019» appearing in its own fireworks in the sky. You can actually hear the participants realize what’s happening as the video goes on, and one remarks that it’s «3 AM,» so it didn’t necessarily occur exactly at midnight for everyone.

Fortnite has become known for hosting special in-world events that can only be witnessed if you happen to be in the game at the exact time it all goes down. Usually these are reserved for big events during seasonal transitions or when building the meta-story about what will happen next. For weeks Kevin the cube slowly lumbered toward Loot Lake, for example, but only players in-game when it touched down got to see it flop over the edge and melt.

Currently Fortnite is in Season 7, offering a bevy of new cosmetics for those who complete the Battle Pass. You can check out our challenge guide for tips on how to complete the various tasks and earn your stars. Meanwhile, Epic is fending off legal challenges from the most unexpected of places: various celebrities and viral video stars suing over the use of their dances.

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